We build full-fledged and competent brands.

We are from the sunny shores of Rio de Janeiro, but based in Finland. We love experiencing culture and people and how interactions in the world occurs. We want to harness what unites us as humans through the lens of brand strategy and design. We believe in competence, hard work, and high quality.

Stand out

Some businesses don’t know how to define their brand, reach and communicate with the right customers. Branding is all about making a lasting connection with people. If you are tired of wasting your money on marketing and getting no result, your problem is with your communication. We need to dig the gold out from the dirt and show it to the people who will correctly value it. All you need to do is fill out the form.

Process of Branding


Getting to know you and your business together with your key stakeholders. Encapsulating your business into key concepts in order to develop a full-fledged and competent brand.


We go through a set of user-centred qualitative and quantitative research phase, in order to better understand your customer buying journey. This will allow us to turn your brand into words, feelings, and actions, which will be translated into statements.

Visual Identity

Translating the strategy into the brand’s visuals, “real-world” premium application. Color palette, typography, logo, stationery, brand guidelines, and web-design.


Launching your new brand into the market. We will assist you for a certain period of time with the translation of your brand communication in your business and in front of your customers.


Kevin Chown

Julia is totally cool to work with. She's creative, totally together with details and offers great ideas when you can't think of any yourself. The logo she did for me for my website was perfect the first time she sent it over to me. Highly recommend working with her.

Aline Rosa

Julia is a talented designer. She has good communication skills, and that is important to understand clients needs. She does a thorough research on the industry of the project for brand creation. She meets deadlines easily and she is very organized, her process of creating branding is awesome. I have no reservations in recommending her for a job/project, as Julia would be a breakthrough for any project.

Caio Bottura

Julia was extremely professional with her work, she helped me understand what is branding and what type of logo would be the most appropriate for me and my image. She gave many suggestions and was fairly quick to present the final product, I couldn’t recommend her more.

Elise Smit

Really professional work! Julia didn't just make my logo. She helped me work out what I want for my company, how I want to be seen, and how to translate that into an image. She truly invests in getting the very best results. I couldn't be happier with her work and all the advice and support she's given me.

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